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Authoring Austen: Writing, Reception and Adaptation

When you'll study it
Semester 1
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Level 6
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Gillian Dow
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Module overview

Jane Austen’s global appeal in the twenty-first century has been shaped by the ways that she has been read in the 200 years since her death. In this module, you will read Austen's novels, letters, and unpublished juvenile fiction, and explore some of the debates that have been important in Austen scholarship. Through these core texts, you will be invited to consider the following questions : was Jane Austen a feminist, and why might this matter? How did she perceive social class? What do her novels tell us about landscape or nation, canon or colonialism? You will become familiar with the critical terrain of Austen studies, and you will examine some of the uses made of her life and fiction, from the early nineteenth century to the twenty first.