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Courses / Modules / FEEG2006 Engineering Management and Law

Engineering Management and Law

When you'll study it
Whole Academic Year
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 5
Module lead
Richard Wills
Academic year

Module overview

This module provides students with an introduction to management, accounting and law applicable to the operations of an engineering-based organisation. Emphasis is placed upon introducing managerial knowledge and skills required to apply effective management techniques to engineering projects. This is set within the context of ethical and environmental concerns and the entrepreneurial, financial, team development and legal processes determining sustainable success in business.

Students are taught and assessed within groups to address managerial decisions, accounting for engineering decision-making, law in engineering, marketing, human resource management, entrepreneurship, leadership, teamwork, project management and project risk management.

This module is linked to FEEG2001 Systems Design and Computing and SESS2016 Ship Structural Design and Production where group design projects provide the basis for assessing Project Management, Project Risk Management, Leadership and Teamwork skills. This supports the development of effective management and group working skills within the context of designing and delivering a challenging engineering project.

Guest lecturers from industry are invited to discuss their current industrial practice and project management experience. Case studies are used to illustrate key principles and to provide examples.

Linked modules

FEEG2001 or SESS2016