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Courses / Modules / FEEG3009 Industrial Placement Year

Industrial Placement Year

When you'll study it
Whole Academic Year
Level 6
Module lead
Anatoliy Vorobev
Academic year

Module overview

During the Industrial Placement Year (expected to be of at least 30 weeks in duration), you will apply the knowledge you have gained from the taught elements of the programme, develop a deeper understanding of technical issues from work-related projects, understand the commercial and technical aspects of the sector, and reflect on your developing professional knowledge and skills. You will undertake the IPY after either Part II or after Part III of your studies.

Pre-requisite: If IPY taken after Part II then must pass Part II of all programmes before IPY is possible. If IPY taken after Part III then must pass Part III of all programmes before IPY is possible.

Students are expected to take responsibility for securing their placement. Support and guidance will be provided by the module staff.

Students must register their placement with the University Placement Management System - details available at the Engineering Pre-Placement blackboard module and @

Comprehensive information about the IPY can be found at: