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Courses / Modules / FILM3025 International Film Industry: Issues and Debates

International Film Industry: Issues and Debates

When you'll study it
Semester 1
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 6
Module lead
Wai Yee Ruby Cheung
Academic year

Module overview

Film as industry plays out against the backdrop of a global economy, and at any given location witnesses high volumes of transnational flows of money, ideas and talent. At the intersections of these transnational flows we can detect influences of stakeholders such as filmmakers, press and media as well as power structures embodied by politicians, governments and corporations. Internet technology development and new digital ‘content platforms’ from smart phones and TVs to tablets and ‘all-in-one entertainment systems’ have changed audiences’ viewing habits drastically and continue to do so. This in turn has influenced how various film industries with national and transnational dimensions have acted and reacted.

This module explores key issues and discourses of a range of distinct film industries since the end of WWII, and investigates their forms and impact from historical, sociocultural and political-economic points of view. Drawing on examples from mainstream film industries and independent cultural film practices from around the world (e.g. North America, Europe, East Asia), this module will introduce you to key themes as well as the latest trends of film finance, production, distribution and dissemination, marketing and publicity, and exhibition. Topics such as crowdfunding, creative labour accumulation and migration, film distribution via digital platforms and international film festival circuit will be discussed.

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