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Air Quality and Environmental Pollution

When you'll study it
Semester 2
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 6
Module lead
Ian Williams
Academic year

Module overview

The module has been designed to impart the scientific knowledge required to tackle the many problems associated with air and other types of environmental pollution, including how to identify and assess the nature, sources and effects of pollutants, how to measure and monitor pollution, and how to remediate existing problems using technology and/or management strategies. For example, we have learned over the last 60 years that poor air quality can have damaging effects on both the living and non-living environment. Air pollution can degrade forests, lakes, crops, wildlife, buildings and other materials as well as having a detrimental effect upon human health. We have had to devise methods to accurately measure and monitor the air that we breathe, develop technology to clean up polluted air from the industries we have created, and institute strategies to ensure that the air remains fit for now and for the future. All this has to be done within a limited budget and using best available practice. This module focuses upon all of these issues. It aims to equip students with the scientific knowledge and skills to make a professional contribution to current and future debates about air and other environmental pollution, and to the practical steps which need to be taken – whatever they may be – to maintain and improve environmental quality. Students will use their knowledge and skills to complete assignments that will test the learning outcomes for the module.

This module does not have any pre-requisites, but some background in chemistry and biology is preferred Students will be required to perform mathematical activities