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Courses / Modules / GGES6019 Introduction to Sustainability

Introduction to Sustainability

When you'll study it
Semester 1
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 7
Module lead
Craig Hutton
Academic year

Module overview

GEOG6098 is a multidisciplinary unit designed for students with an interest in sustainable development, sustainability, green growth, complex socio-ecological systems, and resilient development. Over the term we will explore the key issues and debates around sustainability, and undertake practical work to develop students’ skills in interpreting and evaluating the multiple sustainability values and perspectives. This module will provide students with a firm grounding in the relationship between sustainability and the core concepts of justice, ethics and wellbeing, integrated modelling processes, conservation and ecology, economic growth and development, politics and governance, technology, tools/frameworks, and resilience. The module will consider both past examples of sustainable development as well as current and emerging challenges relating to sustainability.

Lectures in weeks 1, and 12 will provide a front and back end to the course as well as provice some practical insights to the skills required for consualtancy and research proposal development. Seminars will run in parallel with lectures with typically a double slot seminar following on from a lecture. In the seminars

we will review and apply theories and concepts in real world contexts. This will be delivered through case studies and practical and discursivework.

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