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Cultures in Contact: A Diverse Ancient World

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Semester 1
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Level 6
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Annelies Cazemier
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Module overview

Ancient History goes beyond Greece and Rome. The ancient world was incredibly diverse, inhabited by different cultures, religions, and societies which were closely connected and left their mark on each other, through interaction, conflict, and exchange. It was precisely such contacts which shaped the history and make-up of ancient societies, which in turn have had a lasting impact on our modern world. This module explores the ways in which ancient societies were connected and in interaction with each other, through politics, diplomacy, and warfare; trade, travel, and migration; languages, literature, and story-telling; and/or cultural and religious ideas, practices and exchange.

The contents of the module will vary from year to year. Some of the key themes that may be explored include: the notion of the ‘other’ in ancient societies; concepts of cultural impact such as Hellenization, Romanization, Christianization, Arabization, Islamization; approaches to cultural interaction, which may include acculturation and assimilation, cultural hybridity, the ‘middle ground’, networks and connectivity, as well as themes of continuity and change, inclusion and exclusion, and/or warfare and conflict. There will be opportunities to explore cultural encounters on the wider political stage (between different societies) as well as thinking about cultural encounters between individuals and communities within ancient societies.