Courses / Modules / HIST6147 After the Holocaust: Jews and Others after 1945

After the Holocaust: Jews and Others after 1945

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Semester 2
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Level 7
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Jan Gryta
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Module overview

This module examines aspects of Jewish experience in the aftermath of the Holocaust.  It explores refugee experiences in the aftermath of war; it explores Jewish debates over post-Holocaust futures, in Europe, in Israel, elsewhere; it examines attempts to re-establish Jewish communities in areas where they had been destroyed; it examines dialogues between Jews and others in the post-war world, and the presence of the Holocaust in those. Its emphasis is on the ways in which the suffering of the Holocaust did not simply end with the moment of liberation.  Rather, it explores how, from the initial struggles in Displaced Persons camps and other sites of liberation through emigration, the rebuilding of shattered lives, conflicts over restitution and (in cases) renewed experiences of antisemitism and persecution the lives of Jews and their interlocutors remained shaped by the events of the Holocaust for decades after.