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Open learning (10 ECTS)

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Level 7
Module lead
Christopher Franks
Academic year

Module overview

This is an open, flexible independent learning module. You will be allocated an academic advisor who will be available for up to 2 contact hours. These contact hours may be face to face (in person or online), by telephone and by email depending upon need, preference and availability. You will work with your academic coach to:

  • Identify a health-related topic.
  • Apply the module learning outcomes to your topic of study.
  • Agree an appropriate method of assessment from a list of those deemed suitable to the nature of the topic.
  • Agree a learning contract which details a proposed schedule for attainment.

NB Where students undertaking the MSc in Professional Practice in Health Sciences select to undertake more than one Open Learning module they must demonstrate to the Programme Lead that the topic of each subsequent open module is relevant to the overall aim or trajectory of the programme of study. Additional Open Learning m modules must not have the same module code. Thus additional modules can only be selected if they bear different credit weightings.