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Courses / Modules / HLTH6227 Transition to Advanced Practice (Advanced Critical Care Practitioner)

Transition to Advanced Practice (Advanced Critical Care Practitioner)

When you'll study it
Whole Academic Year
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 7
Module lead
Yvonne Strathdee
Academic year

Module overview

This module forms the 'capstone' of the taught component of the Advanced Critical Care Practitioner journey. You will be supported to explore in depth the meaning of Advanced Practice and its associated concepts. It also enables you to critically explore the four ‘pillars’ of advanced practice i.e. advanced clinical practice, education, research and leadership, and to evidence and critically reflect upon your development as an advanced practitioner in relation to these pillars. The module also equips you to be formally assessed in practice as an Advanced Critical Care Practitioner (FICM), against the four pillars, enabling you to demonstrate the higher level of autonomy which the role requires. Your ability to make clinical judgements in situations that are complex or uncertain will be considered through an assessment in practice process that is based on the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine, Advanced Critical Care Practitioner Annual Review of Clinical Performance. This takes the form of both continuous assessment in practice via a mentor whom you identify, a tripartite assessment between the mentor, a University assessor and you, taking place at the end of the module and the creation of a portfolio of evidence