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Courses / Modules / HLTH6232 Advanced Critical Care Practice

Advanced Critical Care Practice

When you'll study it
Semester 2
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 7
Module lead
Yvonne Strathdee
Academic year

Module overview

This is a core module within the MSc Advanced Clinical Practice (advanced critical care practitioner). This module builds on your own experience and practice as well as the knowledge gained in previous theory modules to support you in the development of your practice. Drawing on the knowledge gained from your own clinical experience and from the modules that you have already undertaken you will develop the skills required to work effectively within critical care at an advanced level.

Drawing on contemporary evidence and real case examples you will be exploring the care needs of the critically ill patient. The time spent in the classroom will support you in developing the underpinning knowledge and critical thinking to take back into practice with you where you will further develop your knowledge and skills.

This module demands that you have worked within critical care. If you are undertaking this module as part of the MSc ACP (ACCP) you must be practicing in said environment and have the necessary experience to take the next step in advancing your practice. You will require a mentor in practice during this module and this must be a healthcare professional with the relevant experience (i.e. senior critical care practitioner or Intensivist).

Core module within the MSc Advanced Clinical Practice (Advanced Critical Care Practitioner)

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