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Influencing Innovation and Change (Level 7)

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Whole Academic Year
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Level 7
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Davide Filingeri
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Module overview

Tomorrow’s healthcare professionals will work in a context characterised by continual change, challenging environments, rapidly evolving technologies and the need for innovation. To operate successfully in this context, these professionals must be able to influence the delivery of high quality, safe healthcare. They must be able to lead themselves, working autonomously, or as an equal partner with a range of other professionals, and be able to operate in interdisciplinary teams.

This module is concerned with the application of leadership and management to deliver and improve these complex health care systems. Rather than examining leadership in a vacuum, we will instead critically evaluate what leadership is and how it is applied to influence change in healthcare settings. We will discuss and analyse concepts, theories, characteristics, tools, and practices across the five broad themes of (1) leadership, (2) teamwork, (3) change and innovation, (4) service improvement and (5) risk, error and quality management. Much of the class time will be spent in critical discussions and analyses of case studies that illustrate the five central domains of the module. Edit this item