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Languages for Academic Study

When you'll study it
Whole Academic Year
Level 5
Module lead
Anthony Campbell
Academic year

Module overview

This module will take a practical approach to developing the listening, reading, writing and other academic skills necessary for successful study in the relevant target language country. It will make a point of taking a comparative approach to academic study so that you are helped to assess the skills you already have and use, and can identify the additional skills you will need to develop.

You will also be assisted in developing independent learning and other skills needed for online study and for carrying out local research whilst abroad.

During the module, you will be made aware of intercultural differences and will be encouraged to develop strategies to enhance your personal development. This module will share lectures with LANG2010 (the BA module preparing students for the year abroad) when the content relates to general preparation for the period abroad.

This module will draw on examples from the different countries that students will be visiting to look at a variety of educational practices.

You will be helped to put together a personal programme to develop the language and study skills needed for your study context whilst abroad.

Practical aspects concerning residence abroad will also be covered. This will include advice on living and intercultural engagement. Finally, the module will provide guidance to ensure that you comply with University regulations on ethics and health and safety.