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Courses / Modules / LING6042 English as medium of instruction in global education

English as medium of instruction in global education

When you'll study it
Semester 2
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 7
Module lead
Sonia Moran Panero
Academic year

Module overview

This module explores sociolinguistic and pedagogical dimensions of English Medium Education and CLIL classrooms around the world. EME/I is an umbrella term for multilingual education programmes where English is used as a medium of instruction to teach and learn content subjects. While the focus is often on learning content through English, many educational institutions are resorting to EME/CLIL to promote English language learning too. EMI education is spreading at significant rates in Higher Education settings all across the world, including countries like China or Spain where English is not spoken as a first language or is known to have postcolonial ties. Drawing from cutting-edge research on the subject, the course investigates the explicit and hidden motivations behind the spread of EMI (e.g. language learning, student recruitment); it examines the promises, opportunities and challenges associated to EMI policy-making and its implementation; and it scrutinises situated language practices, beliefs and outcomes emerging across a wide range of international HE settings. The course invites you to reflect on your own learning experiences and consider what pedagogical and linguistic choices you would make as an EMI/CLIL educator, without losing sight of the need for context-dependent analyses when approaching EMI.