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Courses / Modules / MATH3092 Mathematics Project

Mathematics Project

When you'll study it
Whole Academic Year
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 6
Module lead
Jacek Brodzki
Academic year

Module overview

For all mathematics students, this project is compulsory. The module will consist of some discussion elements in semester 1 that will aid the development of The project typically entails a weekly visit to a supervisor who advises and assists the student in the study of a particular topic. A dissertation is then written by the student incorporating the

results of studying the topic.

The work may involve directed reading of books or original papers in journals and the provision of examples to illustrate particular aspects of a topic. Some topics may also present the opportunity for students to pursue their own investigations, undertake practical work using the computer or working on a project brief from an industry partner. Each student is required to give an oral presentation on his/her project work.

Assigning of projects will occur during the first half of the first semester.

The following members of staff may be consulted about projects in specific areas of mathematics:

The key areas considered in marking a project include:

  • breadth and depth of comprehension
  • development and progress through the topic
  • clarity of presentation
  • innovation
  • use of resources
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