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Actuarial Science Case Study 1

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Level 7
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Erengul Dodd
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Module overview

Actuarial Science Case Study 1 gives MSc Actuarial Science students the opportunity to conduct and gain experience of an in-depth open-ended actuarial investigation. The main purpose is to develop students’ skills in: identifying, organising, and directing their own work; accessing and using relevant resources, such as library and software resources; applying their actuarial, statistical, and financial knowledge and understanding in an actuarial context; and communicating their work, by writing a comprehensive report on the investigation and its outcomes. Actuarial Science Case Study 1 is a primary means by which MSc Actuarial Science students demonstrate their capacity for independent learning.

Students will normally undertake Actuarial Science Case Study 1 over a six-week period in the early summer (typically, mid-June until end-July). There will normally be a choice of two topics for Actuarial Science Case Study 1. Each case study topic will be partially structured, but open ended. The supervisor for a case study topic will meet regularly (usually weekly) with all students taking that case study topic, as a group, to answer questions and provide limited advice and support. Weekly office hours will also be provided, as additional support. Assessment will be by means of an Actuarial Science Case Study 1 report, of 25-30 pages in length, to be submitted at the end of the relevant six-week period.