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Courses / Modules / MEDI3046 Written Assessment

Written Assessment

When you'll study it
Whole Academic Year
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 6
Module lead
Michael Griksaitis
Academic year

Module overview

This is a synoptic assessment module that comprises the two MCQ Papers at the end of the year along with revision sessions that help prepare students for this assessment.

The BM programmes are highly contextualised and integrated programmes in which the application of knowledge and understanding, clinical skills and professional practice applicable to medicine are learned through a range of modules none of which are stand alone modules and therefore this module should be recognised by teachers and students alike as part of the whole year and programme. The Year 4 Assessment in BM Year 4 is studied along with 5 other clinical teaching modules in Acute Care, Psychiatry, Specialty Weeks, Obstetrics & Gynaecology/GUM and Child Health; and a year long Medical Ethics & Law (MEL) module. The emphasis of the assessments for each of the modules aligns with the focus of learning for that module; however, the integrated nature of the course means that there will undoubtedly be overlap and aspects of the assessment in each module will draw upon learning from modules studied in earlier years as well as modules studied in that year. In addition, the MEL module and Year 4 assessment module have been purposely designed to assess learning outcomes covered in any of the 5 clinical modules from the year.

The assessments will concentrate on the clinical subjects encountered in Year 4, namely child health, psychiatry, obstetrics and gynaecology with genitourinary medicine, acute care, and the specialties (head and neck, ophthalmology, dermatology, neurology). However, the assessments are synoptic, i.e. they take an inclusive overview of the BM Programme so far and will involve demonstrating application of scientific and medical principles learnt in previous years in the context of these types of patients.

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