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Clinical & Professional Skills Assessment (OSCE)

When you'll study it
Whole Academic Year
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Level 6
Module lead
Suzanne Frye
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Module overview

The purpose of this module is to ensure students can develop and apply clinical and Professional skills (including relevant practical procedural skills) to professional practice, using common clinical conditions and scenarios. It is also preparation for the year 5 CPSA which formulates part of the GMC defined and mandated medical licensing assessment (MLA). The assessments’ structure, format, design and content is locally set and standard set but in accordance with GMC defined requirements for the MLA which are mirrored in the year 3 CPSA.

Much of the learning that underpins this module is undertaken during other modules within the programme including placement based and non-placement-based learning, however there will be some additional knowledge and skill gained through the taught elements of this module. The main focus of this module is for students to demonstrate their ability to apply existing learning to simulated clinical scenarios through live simulated scenarios.

The assessment component comprises the objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) and the specific preparation for it. The assessment is synoptic which means that learning from other modules (including previous years of the programme) will also be assessed in this context. Therefore, preparation for this examination should be considered to include all the teaching and learning encountered during the programme so far, including clinical experience.