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Allergy Dissertation

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Elizabeth Miles
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Module overview

The dissertation module offers the opportunity for you to apply your Masters level knowledge to solve an allergy problem. You can choose either a professional project or a research project, both of which can be based around your work and should be aimed at improving clinical care for people with allergies. Professional projects include a service evaluation, clinical audit or needs assessment based around allergy clinical services. Research projects generate new knowledge where there is no or limited research evidence available or can systematically review the literature to answer a research question. You will use your knowledge gained from the Clinical Research Skills module to design and conduct your dissertation project. The dissertation is the final step in your MSc Allergy journey. It is exciting, challenging, and ultimately can be very rewarding.

Our online module includes live sessions which you should attend. These allow you to engage with our expert teachers and your fellow students and benefit from rich discussions. Tutorials and workshops take place during our live sessions which allow you to explore various aspects of project design in a supported environment. Engaging with live sessions allows you to gain support from your peers and the module leads, synthesise your learning and reflect on your progress as you go.