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Courses / Modules / MEDI6224 Advanced Scientific Skills

Advanced Scientific Skills

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Level 7
Module lead
Rahul Tare
Academic year

Module overview

The module consists of four workshops on:

1) Analysis and critical appraisal of large datasets

2) Bringing your science to the public

3) Scientific writing

4) Preparation of a research grant proposal

In addition there will be two sessions on:

1) The preparation and presentation of a scientific poster

2) Clinical/commercial translation and technology transfer

Each workshop/session will be taught by an academic with a specialist interest/expertise in the subject area. Prior to the Analysis and critical appraisal of large datasets workshop, the relevant supporting documentation/data will be uploaded onto Blackboard.

The workshop will combine a seminar and general discussion in order to clarify any points and to frame any questions arising from the lecture that the students find interesting.

The students will be required to write a review of data visualisation techniques and their applications.

In the Bringing your science to the public workshop, the students will learn how to communicate their research effectively to the public and will present their research project 1 in lay terms.

In the scientific writing workshop, the students will be introduced to academic/scientific writing skills. The students will write both a lay and scientific abstract for a published primary scientific article.

The research grant proposal workshop will consist of a seminar followed by a session in which the students will prepare an outline grant proposal. This will equip the students to prepare a three-year research grant proposal with support from either Research Project 1 or Research Project 2 supervisor. This module will build on key components of Research Skills in Biomedical Sciences 1 where students learn to develop a research hypothesis in addition to statistical methodology. This will enable students to gain understanding and develop the skills required to design and write a competitive, three-year research grant proposal which will be an extension of either their first, or second research project

The two remaining sessions will focus on skills required to prepare and present a scientific poster and strategies for the commercialisation of research output.

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