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Courses / Modules / MEDI6242 Drug Allergy

Drug Allergy

When you'll study it
Whole Academic Year
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 7
Module lead
Elizabeth Miles
Academic year

Module overview

Allergic reactions to drugs are common, complex and often misunderstood. Drug allergy is a specialist area of allergy that requires dedicated training and therefore in this module, you will explore all aspects of drug allergy in depth. The module teaches about the immunological basis for drug allergy and will explore the variety of presentations of different patterns of drug allergy across the spectrum of hypersensitivity mechanisms including IgE mediated drug allergy and non-IgE mediated drug allergy. The sessions will include detail on pathogenesis, diagnosis, investigations and management. Key drugs will be covered, including antibiotics, analgesics and anaesthetic agents and we will go into the challenges and impact of drug allergy de-labelling. This module comprehensively covers both paediatric and adult disease and throughout, you will explore topics by interpreting clinical scenarios to reinforce your learning.

Our online module is delivered using a blend of live teaching sessions and pre-recorded sessions. You are expected to attend the live sessions which allows you to engage with our expert teachers and your fellow students and benefit from rich discussions. Our recorded sessions allow you to learn at your convenience within each teaching week. Most of our students continue to work while studying and benefit from this flexibility. Engaging with our blended learning each teaching week allows you to build on and synthesise your learning as you go.

This module is taught once a year and typically involves approximately 10 hours of student engagement per week. The module will take place during the following weeks (exact timetable to be confirmed):

  • Teaching & guided learning: 20/02-12/03/24
  • Self-directed learning: 13/03-10/04/24
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