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Courses / Modules / NPMS1031 Year Requirement Module 1

Year Requirement Module 1

When you'll study it
CATS points
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Level 4
Module lead
Jennifer Lancaster
Academic year

Module overview

This is a core module for attendance and the completion of required NMC activities, skills and EU and programme requirements. This module does not contribute to classification and will result in a record of ‘achieved’ or ‘not achieved’ however, you are required to maintain the proficiencies achieved at the end of the programmed year. You must complete all level 4 clinical skills and drug calculation tests to achieve a successful completion to the programmed year. It is a course requirement to meet the NMC standards of a minimum of 4600 hours of across the three years with 50% in clinical practice. Our programme comprises 45 weeks of programmed activity to accommodate completion of Domain 6 of the Standards for Pre-Registration Midwifery Programmes (NMC, 2019) as set out in the Midwifery On-going Record of Achievement (MORA) profile.