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Courses / Modules / OCCT2032 Design for Occupation 2

Design for Occupation 2

When you'll study it
Whole Academic Year
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 5
Module lead
Sarah McGinley
Academic year

Module overview

In this level 5 module, you will build on your understanding of design as an art and a science at level 4 and its effects on occupational performance. You will apply this to your understanding of OT practice, to support occupational engagement for health and well-being.

You will be introduced to assessments from Occupational Therapy and other appropriate disciplines to enable you to evaluate features of design and their potential impact on occupational performance and well-being. You will also take part in workshops and receive presentations from external speakers to further your knowledge of design principles and processes.

This level 5 module involves collaboration with outside agencies in designing systems, environments or artefacts to enhance occupational engagement/performance for service users.

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