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European Power and the Geopolitics of Europe and Asia

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Semester 1
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Level 5
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Kamil Zwolski
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Module overview

It is the first time in history that we can approach the problem of European security architecture in terms of governance, rather than hegemony or the balance of power. The proliferation of European and global institutions concerned with addressing different dimensions of broadly defined security is encouraging and an indication of progress in light of the extremely violent first half of the 20th century.

At the same time, however, some of Europe’s centuries-old demons seem to have returned with vengeance (conflict with Russia) and new challenges undermine the established security order (Brexit). At the centre of these progressive and regressive developments is the EU and the ever-important problem of the nature and scope of European integration. In the field of international security, the EU has made an important, if often overlooked progress, transforming the very approach to long-term security challenges. At the same time, the security dimension of European integration is very much work in progress and, in light of the aforementioned challenges, raises some fundamental questions.