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Reason and Argument

When you'll study it
Semester 1
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Level 4
Module lead
Giulia Felappi
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Module overview

One of the main reasons the study of Philosophy is valued by employers is that it develops an ability that is invaluable in all sorts of contexts: the ability to reason rigorously and correctly. All Philosophy modules aim indirectly to develop this skill, but Reason and Argument is directly concerned to develop it. The module is all about how to tell the difference between good and bad arguments, how to use language precisely, how to identify weak arguments and misleading uses of language in the writings of philosophers, politicians and others whose job it is to persuade us to believe what they want us to believe. The module focuses on arguments in ordinary language and aims to give you the concepts and skills you need to identify the tricks commonly used to disguise bad arguments as good ones and to develop your own skills in constructing valid arguments.