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Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme

When you'll study it
Semester 2
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Level 6
Module lead
Thomas Randell
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Module overview

The Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme (UAS; PSYC3052) provides a unique opportunity for Final Year single honours students in Psychology to gain experience of teaching in local schools and colleges, and, thus, to act as ambassadors for Psychology and the University in the local community.

On successful completion of the module, students will have gained wide-ranging experience of working in a challenging but rewarding learning and teaching environment. They will be able to devise and present appropriate ways of communicating difficult principles or concepts to learners and will have gained a broad understanding of many of the key aspects of teaching in schools or colleges. They will also have developed a better understanding of, and confidence, in communicating key aspects of Psychology as a discipline. Regarding general learning outcomes, the aims of the module are:

To develop a range of skills in the student and to offer an early taste of teaching to those interested in pursuing teaching as a career.

To help students gain confidence in communicating their subject, develop strong organisational and interpersonal skills, and understand how to address the needs of individual learners.

To give students experience of devising and developing a psychology-focused project and related teaching methods appropriate to engaging the age group they are working with.

To help inspire a new generation of prospective Psychology undergraduates by providing role models for school pupils.

To help students convey the excitement of their own learning in Psychology to school pupils by showing them the long-term applications of research in their discipline.

To help teachers by providing a teaching assistant who can work with and support pupils at various points on the ability spectrum.

Regarding students’ specific knowledge and transferable skills, the learning outcomes of the module include promotion and development of students’:

Communication skills, both one to one and with an audience.

Understanding of the learning needs of others.

Understanding of standard teaching methods.

Interpersonal skills in a school or college environment.

Sense of responsibility and independence in a teaching environment.

Giving and receiving of feedback.

Organisational, prioritising, and negotiating skills.

Ability to handle classroom situations appropriately.

Public speaking and team-working skills.

Ability to utilise and/or develop and lesson plans and teaching materials.

Linked modules

Pre-requisite: PSYC1016