Courses / Modules / PSYC3078 Values, Diversity and Context (PWP Route)

Values, Diversity and Context (PWP Route)

When you'll study it
Term 2
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 6
Module lead
Mia Kylamarttila
Academic year

Module overview

PWPs operate at all times from an inclusive values base which promotes recovery and recognises and respects diversity. Diversity represents the range of cultural norms including personal, family, social and spiritual values held by the diverse communities served by the service within which the worker is operating. Workers must respect and value individual differences in age, sexuality, disability, gender, spirituality, race and culture. PWPs must also take into account any physical and sensory difficulties people may experience in accessing services and make provision in their work to ameliorate these. They must be able to respond to people’s needs sensitively with regard to all aspects of diversity. They must demonstrate a commitment to equal opportunities for all and encourage people’s active participation in every aspect of care and treatment. They must also demonstrate an understanding and awareness of the power issues in professional / patient relationships and take steps in their clinical practice to reduce any potential for negative impact this may have. This module will, therefore, expose PWPs to the concept of diversity, inclusion and multi-culturalism and equip workers with the necessary knowledge, attitudes and competencies to operate in an inclusive values driven service.