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Professional Development and Leadership

When you'll study it
Semester 2
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Level 8
Module lead
Nicholas Maguire
Academic year

Module overview

This module focuses on the knowledge, skills, and behaviours that underpin the professional practice of clinical psychology post-qualification and builds on some of the professional practice issues that were first introduced in the Foundations of Clinical Psychology Practice module in the first year. It runs alongside specialist practice skills being taught in the third year. The module will revisit the responsibilities of professional practice, building on these within three, related topic areas: 1) the wider health ecosystem context; 2) organisational complexity and 3) Level 5 leadership.

1. The wider context. This strand will enable trainees to engage with the wider political, social and health contexts within which they will operate. It will involve teaching on governmental and NHS trust policy, consultation and funding processes, as well as engagement with relevant policy literature.

2. Organisational complexity. Clinical psychologists work in increasingly complex environments, in which they need to engage with the consequences of limited resources as well as mental health issues that require complex, multi-agency interventions. This poses questions around ethical and effective working, requiring new thinking about delivery of services. These issues will be tackled in teaching and experiential learning.

3. Level 5 Leadership. The literature on L5 leadership (e.g. Collins, 2008) is an inherently psychological one, requiring reflection on intra- and interpersonal processes to enhance leadership behaviours such as decision-making and personnel management. This framework will be taught and participants will be encouraged to engage with it making use of personal experience.