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Research 3

When you'll study it
Whole Academic Year
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Level 8
Module lead
Peter Lawrence
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Module overview

This module has been designed to drive trainees’ completion of their DClinPsych thesis, comprising a systematic literature review and an empirical study, which they began in 'Research 1', and developed in 'Research 2'. As part of a series of research modules, it provides trainees with knowledge and skills to develop proficiency in the Health and Care Professions Council Standards of Proficiency 12 and 13.

During the first term, trainees will begin their ‘research placement’, most usually in parallel to their specialist clinical placement. During their ‘research placement’, they will have 70 days of dedicated time to work on their thesis (systematic literature review and empirical studies). These 70 days typically span from early in the first term, to mid-way through the third term, when they submit their thesis for examination. Most often, the research placement is more intensive in the first term, and less intensive (i.e., fewer days per week), during the second and third terms.

Typically, during the first term, trainees will complete their empirical data collection and their data extraction for their systematic literature review studies. In the second term (when trainees will typically have fewer days per week on ‘research placement’ than in the first term), trainees will iteratively draft and improve the written sections of the papers comprising their thesis, and submit their ‘intention to submit the thesis’ form. In the third term, trainees will present their research work at the Annual School of Psychology Postgraduate Research Conference. Trainees will usually be examined, via viva voce, during the third term of the third year (often early July).

Monitoring progress

Very near the beginning of the first term (typically early October), trainees will submit a first formative ‘thesis progress report’. During the second term (typically mid-February) trainees will submit a second formative ‘thesis progress report’. This is to allow the DClinPsych Research Team to monitor trainees’ progress from the beginning of the ‘research placement’ as they move towards completion of their doctoral research.