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Professional Development for Maritime Engineers

When you'll study it
Whole Academic Year
Level 5
Module lead
James Blake
Academic year

Module overview

Maritime Engineering is about solving problems; creating, analysing and developing safe, sustainable and smart engineered solutions to improve the world we live in. With the pace of technology and the changing world we live in, practicing as an engineer is a lifelong learning journey and developing effective solutions requires an understanding of how you as an individual work best and how you work best in a diverse and inclusive team. This course will provide a wider perspective of what it takes to be an effective professional engineer, an effective learner and instil a passion and ambition to continuously develop your professional and interpersonal skills.

Linked modules

This is formalised version of SESS1200 which includes Induction Week activity for Part 1, PAT sessions for P1, IPD/CPD activities for all year groups and we would like to include the careers events within the module too. It's non-credit bearing but we would like it to appear on their degree supplements as a pass/fail, both for MSc and UG programmes.