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Inequalities in Everyday Worlds

When you'll study it
Semester 2
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Level 4
Module lead
Elizabeth Reed
Academic year

Module overview

The module offers a firmly intersectional approach to inequality offering, week-on-week, multiple frames by which to consider experiences and meanings of inequality. By the end of the module, students will have been introduced to 8 key topics for understanding inequality and will be able to speak about the ways in which these co-construct one another and contribute to the structuring of society, and the impacts of and for social policy responses to these issues. Explored through a range of cultural and social texts, the module will be firmly situated in the contemporary moment, offering a ‘live sociology’ (Back, 2012) encouraging students to look around them at their social world and global position, empowering them to understand and critique their everyday, international worlds. The module builds on the theoretical introductions to key social theories offered in semester 1 and provides a foundation for students to move into the second and third year by introducing key areas of study explored in detail in other modules