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Courses / Modules / SSPC2005 Collective Action and Social Change

Collective Action and Social Change

When you'll study it
Semester 2
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 5
Module lead
Silke Roth
Academic year

Module overview

In this module you will be able to examine a variety of organisations involved in social change, such as governmental and non-governmental organisations, voluntary organisations, social movement organisations and charitable organisations. You will be helped to understand how these movements and organisations are located in their historical and spatial context, why people join such organisations, how they are financed and hat effects they have. The SOCI3075 module will be taken in association with the co-requisite SOCI3074 module. The intention, as with other existing project modules, is to enable you to research in some depth, and on a group basis, a specific issue or topic within the area covered by the co-requisite module. This reflects the underlying philosophy of creating a shift at successive levels of the Sociology and Social Policy degree programmes towards a more active learning stance on the part of the student, with a growing focus on active and independent enquiry on both an individual and group basis. The final semester group project is an intrinsic part of this overall approach, and allows assessment of work produced on a group basis and delivered through formal presentation, thus linking to the generic skills learning outcomes of oral communication and presentations and group working listed in the specifications for the relevant programmes. The inclusion of a reflective account, in which you will record and reflect upon your experience of working in the group, and the lessons you have learned from it relates directly to the learning outcome of reflection on your own learning.

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