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The University of Southampton
The Centre for Transnational Studies

The German language and the future of Europe

Ideologies, policies and practices

Project Director:
Prof. Patrick Stevenson, University of Southampton

Project team:

Funding: AHRC
Project website:
Summary: The project is entitled 'The German language and the future of Europe: ideologies, policies and practices' and it is concerned with the role of language in the formation of national and supra-national identities and in the promotion of national interests in contemporary Europe. Taking the relationship between German and other languages as its central theme, it will focus on the consequences of two key social processes: the growing movement of people into and within Europe, and the enlargement of the EU. Specifically, it will explore the tensions between increasingly multilingual populations and monolingual state policies, especially in the 'old' EU member states Germany and Austria, and investigate the competition between German and English as common languages in the new member states in central and eastern Europe. The project is funded by the AHRB for a period of 3 years (2004-2007).

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