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The Centre for Transnational Studies

About us

Discover what we do and how we support researchers.

The Centre for Transnational Studies is an international research centre and networking hub based in the University of Southampton’s Department of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics. We bring together academics, educators, researchers, cultural producers, postgraduate students and voluntary sector workers interested in understanding transnational processes and their effects.

We are brought together by a keen interest in understanding cross-border processes in relation to ideas, objects, and people. We explore phenomena that require reflection about straightforward ideas of ‘nation', ‘nationhood' and ‘nationality', such as colonialism, migration, cultural encounters, globalisation, conflict and inequality.

Our geographical and professional scope allows us to share cutting-edge research and up-to-date knowledge of transnational events and processes. Education and research are pursued in anthropology, history, law, linguistics, literary and cultural studies, politics and sociology. Our cultural producers work alongside non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and our volunteer workers work with asylum seekers.

The Centre organises research seminars and round-table discussions online for our international membership. Past events have covered asylum, studies of critical whiteness, and diaspora and heritage. Our regions of specialisation include Europe, the Americas, Africa, India, and China.

Research themes

Our main research themes include:

  • climate change and the environment
  • cultural heritage and migration
  • digital transnational spaces
  • health, humanitarian protection, and international aid work
  • identity, belonging and citizenship
  • the ethics, politics, and governance of migration

Our alumni

Many graduates of our MA and PhD programmes have become part of our international network including:

  • David Fleming (British), international development consultant
  • Thea Bjaaland (Norwegian), project officer
  • Janina Emig, postgraduate recruitment officer
  • Tom Price (British), creative communications digital editor at medium-sized international NGO and freelance documentary storyteller
  • Jenny Cuffe (British), freelance journalist
  • Daniel Morales (Mexican), PhD candidate in modern languages
  • Daphna Skotnicki (Israeli and British), ESOL lecturer at a FE college
  • Emma Hodge (British), intern at PR firm
  • Alison Marmont (British), Civil Service Fast Stream Graduate Programme