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The University of Southampton
The Centre for Transnational Studies

Tales of return

The memories and experiences of Spanish returnee migrants from France and Great Britain (1950s-1990s)


Research fellow:

Darren Paffey, University of Southampton

Funding: Annual ‘Adventure in Research’ Grant, University of Southampton
Summary: France and Great Britain both played a key role in accepting Spanish migrants during the twentieth century. France received more Spanish Civil War exiles than any other European country, and a significant number of Basque child evacuees were provided with shelter in Britain arriving via Southampton. During the subsequent dictatorship, both France and Great Britain were also prime destinations for emigrants.
While contemporary and historical studies of migration frequently explore how immigrants are received, included/excluded, and incorporated into host societies, we know relatively little about how the dynamics of return have impacted on migrants. We aim to address this lacuna through an investigation of the memories and experiences of Spanish migrants who returned to Spain during the 1950s-1990s. Our objectives will be to:

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