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Research project: AHRC Research project: TNMundi. Diaspora as social and cultural practice 2006-2010

Currently Active: 

How do (post-)migrant cultural practitioners, performers and musicians originating from North-Africa and Madagascar use multiple translocal and transnational networks across African, European and wider global spaces? We suggest that artists who create or enter such networks make use of, but go far beyond the traditional ‘bi-focal’, ethnically and spatially defined communities that link originating and sending countries, as studied in much Diaspora research. Our empirical studies of Francophone Malagasy and North African artists will provide new insights into the creative practices of migrant cultural practitioners which transcend geographic diasporic communities, and throw light on their modes of cultural, social and political engagement. For more information, please visit the project website Two podcasts from the TNMundi project are now available here: TNMundi podcasts. The TNMundi project investigated the creative practices of Francophone Malagasy and North African artists. A conference on ‘Music and Migration’ in October 2009 brought together academics and musicians from Madagascar and North Africa, including the acclaimed Madagascar AllStars who are interviewed in these podcasts. A further concert ‘Viva Madagascar’ in June 2012 saw them return to Turner Sims Concert Hall. The second recording was made with permission of BBC Radio Solent and remains the copyright of the BBC.

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