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Professor Michael Grenfell 

Emeritus Professor

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Michael Grenfell is Emeritus Professor at the Southampton Education School having worked there full-time from 1989-2009. Since then he has been 1905 Chair of Education at Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland and Head of School at Stirling University.

He has a long association with educational research, as well as involvement in various policy fora: the Centre for Information and Research on Language Teaching; the Tomorrow Project; etc. He chaired the Research Committee for UCET (Universities Council for the Education of Teachers). He was also contributor/ consultant to the DfES Key Stage 3 Strategy. He is the author of some sixteen book and numerous research articles on such topics as second language learning and teaching, teacher education, and philosophy and research methodology; especially with respect to the applications of the theory of practice of the French social theorist Pierre Bourdieu.

He undertook two major funded reseasrch projects for the EU in the early 2000s; and was co-author of the European Profile for Teacher Education which resulted from this work.





Research interests

  • Language in Education: Literacy
  • Second Language Learning and Teaching
  • Teacher Education
  • Higher Education
  • Philosophy of Education: Bourdieu
  • Arts/ Music Education


PhD Students

  • Mohammad Alfulnaie: Writing Strategies
  • Ozge Razi: Reading and Language Learning Strategies
  • Mei Chou-Chung: Metacognitive Strategies in Academic Reading
  • Tiwaporn Kingsom: Communication Strategies and Thai Students of English
  • Yaowaret Tharawoot: Teachers’ Verbal Feedback
  • Yuka Hirano: Language Teacher INSET in Japan
  • Weitung-Hei: EFL Students’ English Language Knowledge, Strategy Use and Multiple-choice Reading Test Performance: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach
  • Lu Rugang: The Effect of Globalisation on Chinese Language and Culture: A case Study
  • Andrew Pointet: Boys and Underachievement
  • Ingrid Wisnieiewska: Parallel Processing in Teacher Education
  • Ping Ping Liu: Native-Non-Native Language Speaker Interaction




Book Chapters

    Kelly, M., & Grenfell, M. (2010). Profilo europeo per la formazione dei docenti di lingue. In P. Diadori (Ed.), Formazione Qualità Certificazione per la didattica delle lingue moderne in Europa (pp. 257-300). Milano, Italy: Le Monnier Italiano Perstranieri.
    Grenfell, M., & Macaro, E. (2007). Language learner strategies: claims and critiques. In E. Macaro, & A. Cohen (Eds.), Language Learner Strategies: 30 Years of Research and Practice (pp. 9-28). (Oxford Applied Linguistics). Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.
    Grenfell, M. (2004). Bourdieu in the Classroom. In M. Olssen (Ed.), Culture and Learning: Access and Opportunity in the Classroom (pp. 49-72). (International Perspectives on Curriculum). Greenwich, USA: Information Age.



Working Paper

Professor Michael Grenfell
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