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Testing and Structures Research Laboratory

Test machines

Test machines

Three electro-mechanical test machines for quasi-static loading with capacity up to 50 kN. Nine servo- hydraulic test machines for static and dynamic loading with capacity up to 630 kN. An electro-dynamic test machine with capacity up to 1 kN with frequencies up to 100 Hz. Wide range of load cells, fixtures, grips and loading jigs for bending, shear, fracture, tensile and compression tests. Experience in designing multi-axial loading scenarios. All machines have the capacity to record data directly from the machine/extensometers as well as outputs for synchronisation with imaging equipment and other sensors

Split-Hopkinson Bar rig for

High speed test facilities

High speed test machine with 60 kN capacity and strain rates up to ~ 100s-1.

Split-Hopkinson Bar rig for small coupon specimens and strain rates from 10-2 s-1 up to 10-3 s-1.

Facilities for Strain Measurement

Environmental Chamber

Environmental Chambers

Three thermal chambers, with viewing windows for optical access that can be fitted to all test machines. Tests can be conducted at temperatures between -150 ºC and 500 ºC. A further environmental chamber (for very high temperature testing under vacuum) is also available.


Imaging for materials characterisation and assessment of structural performance

Infra -red imaging and thermography

The system is a Cedip Silver 480 M (now the FLIR SC5000)

Extensive experience and the ability for perform standard infrared thermography (IRT), thermoelastic stress analysis (TSA), and pulsed or pulse phase thermography (PT/PPT).

Applications include:

White light imaging facilities

White light imaging for evaluation of displacement and strains

The white light imaging facilities include a large range of high resolution cameras and lenses. The LaVision DaVis 8.0 software is typically used to process the image data into displacements and strains. There are also facilities for using other white light techniques, such as the grid method. There is a capability to perform 2 x 3D DIC by synchronising 4 cameras. We have also developed a system to synchronise white light cameras with infra-red systems to obtain simultaneous measures of strain and temperature evolutions.

LaVision 16Mpx camera, 4 x Manta G504B, 2 x E-lite LaVision, SONY XCD-SX910, Motion Pro X3 Plus

3 x Sigma 105 mm, 4 x AF NIKKOR 50mm, 1 x AF NIKKOR 28-105mm, 1 x SILL TZM0198 (telecentric lens), 1 x SIGMA 70 - 300 mm (macro lens).

Example applications:

Ultrasound System (C-Scan)

This ultrasonic technique can be used as a non-destructive means for detecting damage and defects within a material. The suite includes a range of transducers for use with different materials, thicknesses and probing depths.


Ultrasonic Sciences Ltd (USL) custom built system including:

Composite Manufacturing Facilities

Facilities for lay-up using prepreg, wet lay-up and resin infusions. Flexible heated curing space for large scale manufacturing.


Composite Manufacturing Facilities
Strain measurement
Ultrasound c-scan
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