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Research Group: Signal Processing and Control Group

Currently Active: 

The analysis of signals lies at the heart of studies in acoustics, dynamics, audiology and human sciences and as a basis for control of sound and vibration. The Group was formed as a focus for signal processing and control techniques and, as such, interacts with the other groups in ISVR. We are involved in a wide range of applications, from aircraft vibration, through active noise control and clinical patient monitoring, to the study of acoustic signalling of bats, dolphins and other marine mammals. Our extensive list of collaborators includes colleagues across the University (e.g. from Science and Engineering, Ocean Sciences, Medicine, Rehabilitation), local hospitals, and industry and academia at home and abroad. We run a number of short courses on signal processing techniques for industry and for clinical medicine.


Active Control of Sound and Vibration
Biomedical Signal Processing
Signal Processing for Underwater Acoustics

Short courses related to signal processing and active control

Staff from the Signal Processing and Control Group are involved in teaching courses in the areas of: 

Active Control of Sound and Vibration
Biomedical Signal Processing
Real-time Signal Processing
Time-frequency Analysis of Signals and Systems
Nonlinear Signals and Systems
Inverse Methods in Signal Processing

We have previously run a number of short courses in these areas for industry and clinical medicine. If you would like further information please contact us via the details below.

Contact us

Institute of Sound and Vibration Research
School of Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
University of Southampton
Highfield Campus
Southampton SO17 1BJ


Tel: +44 (0)23 8059 2291


You can find all of our projects with guaranteed funding here.


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Working Papers

List of related projects to Signal Processing and Control Group
Related ProjectsStatus
Acoustic Emission Technique to monitor crack in a mooring chainsActive
Active Control of Road Noise in a CarActive
Active Control of Sound and Vibration on a Luxury YachtActive
Active control of viscoelastic metamaterialsActive
Active vibration control of an Agusta-Westland W30 helicopterActive
Cochlear modelling of distortion product otoacoustic emissionsActive
Compensation filters for feedback control units with proof-mass electrodynamic actuatorsActive
Control of non-linear vibration using an iterative Sherman-Morrison receptance methodActive
Decentralised control units for vibration control in carsActive
Directive Warning Sounds for Electric VehiclesActive
Diversity in blood flow control to the brainActive
Energy HarvestingActive
Filling in the gaps: compressed sensing for x-ray computed tomography Active
Generating a Personal Listening Zone from a Mobile DeviceActive
Generation of Multiple Independent Listening Zones in a Vehicle CabinActive
Humpback whale song analysisActive
Hybrid active and passive structural noise controlActive
Independent component analysis in the automated detection of evoked potentials from multichannel recordingActive
Modelling of the neuronal responses of identified motor neurons across animalsActive
Modelling the voltage distribution due to a cochlear implantActive
New methods for assessing the control of blood flow in the brainActive
Optimisation of Acoustic Systems for Perceived Sound QualityActive
Personalized fitting and evaluation of hearing aids with EEG responsesActive
Power modelling for cochlear implantsActive
Prediction of ultrasonic wave propagation in aircraft structures for crack monitoringActive
Reading between the lines: Signal Processing for faster fMRI acquisitionActive
Signal Processing for Whale and Dolphin VocalisationsActive
Size matters: x-ray computed tomography for dimensional metrologyActive
The effect of active noise control on the sound quality in carsActive
The modelling of hearing impairment and the design of an array-based hearing aidActive
The network in your head: discovering data highways in the human brainActive
The research of wave motion in coupled system by using finite element methodActive
Waves in loudspeaker conesActive
When greed is good: greedy algorithms for Signal Processing and Compressed SensingActive
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