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The University of Southampton

Research project: SILVARSTAR

Currently Active: 

SILVARSTAR (SoIL Vibration and AuRalisation Software Tools for Application in Railways) is funded by Shift2Rail / Horizon 2020 (2020-2022)

SILVARSTAR will provide the railway community with a commonly accepted, practical and validated methodology and a user-friendly prediction tool for ground vibration impact studies. It will provide access to ground vibration predictions to a wider range of suitably qualified engineers and will facilitate project planning and implementation by improved simulation processes.

SILVARSTAR will build on recent developments of hybrid models that combine the advantages of both numerical and experimental approaches. The general framework recommended in the ISO 14837-1:2005 standard will be followed where the vibration level in a building is written as the product of a source, a propagation and a receiver term; each of these terms is frequency-dependent and can be represented by numerical prediction or by experimental data. The model will enable transposition of vibration emission data from one situation to another. A track-independent vehicle indicator will also be developed and validated.

SILVARSTAR will also develop a fully functional system for auralisation and visualisation based on physically correct synthesised railway noise, providing interfaces with Virtual Reality visualisation software. State-of-the-art auralisation methods will be adapted to the railway sector, in order to render realistic and high-quality sounds. Physics-based models will be integrated to ensure physically correct synthesised railway noise in high quality. The newly developed auralisation tools will be coupled to Virtual Reality visualisation software. Coupling to real-time 3D visualisation will allow for immersive audio-visual experiences of the user. 

Associated research themes

Railway noise and vibration

Related research groups

Dynamics Group
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