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The University of Southampton

Fundamental Geomechanics

The Southampton Geomechanics and Environmental Geotechnics Group has well equipped laboratories for soil element testing, with apparatus including cyclic triaxial, cyclic simple shear, cyclic hollow cylinder and resonant column devices.

We have often been at the forefont of the development of such machines in collaboration with GDS, and have a record of innovation in measuring devices and techniques including Hall Effect transducers and digital image analysis of triaxial test specimens. In the numerical area, we have been close to programs such as PFC-3D, 3-DEC, FLAC and CRISP during their developmental stages, and have recently developed an in house discrete element code based on potential particles.

Current research topics are:

  • Discrete element analysis for particle scale interactions
  • Softening materials and strain localization
  • Modelling strain localization in geomaterials
  • Landslides
  • Mechanics of gas hydrate bearing sediments


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