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Professor David Brown 

Professor of Modern History

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Professor David Brown is a Professor of Modern History at the University of Southampton.

I specialise in modern British history with particular interests in the nineteenth century.  My work ranges across the political history of the period, including British foreign policy, the history of social reform and philanthropy, and Victorian liberalism.

I have worked extensively on the life and career of Lord Palmerston, the Victorian foreign secretary and prime minister.  I have published two books drawing on this research, Palmerston and the politics of foreign policy 1846-55 (Manchester UP, 2002) and my recent Palmerston: A Biography (Yale UP, 2010), as well as a number of articles and book chapters.  I continue to work on the history of Britain's relations with the wider-world, an interest that has underpinned much of my work on Palmerston - with particular emphasis now on Britain's relations with, and understanding of, France.

My other main area of current research focuses on the diaries of the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury.  Shaftesbury was one of the most prominent evangelical philanthropists of the nineteenth century and this project will lead to the publication of a fully annotated edition of this important but under-utilised resource.  A four-volume edition of the diaries will be published by Oxford University Press in the British Academy Social and Economic History Records Series.  Alongside this I am also looking at the politics of social reform and the role of the state.

Much of my work is concerned with issues of ‘representation'.  This also informs a subsidiary interest in newspaper history.

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Book Chapters



HIST3182: Palmerston's World

HIST3183: Palmerston's World, Part 2

HIST2065: Aristocracy to Democracy: Political Change in 19th Century Britain

HIST1113: Cases and Contexts: The Crimean War

I also contribute to the HIST 3186: Alternative Histories module ‘Conquests'

Areas where I can offer postgraduate supervision:

Most aspects of British history in the nineteenth century.  I have particular interests in political history, in Britain's relations with the wider world, in social reform, and in philanthropy.

Professor David Brown
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