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Ageing and Lifelong Health

Adapting to the ageing of the global population is one of the key research challenges of the 21st century. Increasing numbers of older people will create pressures on traditional systems of support from families and public services, financial demands on public funds for pensions, and new requirements for healthcare and medical support.

For detailed information about this theme, please visit the Ageing website:

As more people live longer interdisciplinary research is essential to advance understanding of the dynamic interplay between the ageing of individuals and their changing technological, social, economic, physical, and global environments.

Our research within the field of ageing is broad and cross-disciplinary, focusing particularly on:

...and brings together researchers from across the university working in social sciences, medicine, psychology, health sciences, computer sciences, management, mathematics, geography, law, humanities and Winchester School of Art.

Contact Ageing and Lifelong Health: Professor Maria Evandrou, Professor Avan Aihie Sayer.

Relevant link: Research Councils UK Lifelong Health and Wellbeing Programme.

Ageing and Lifelong Health
Ageing and Lifelong Health
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