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Dr Meixian Song LLB, LLM, PhD

Lecturer in Law

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Dr Meixian Song is lecturer in law in Southampton Law School of University of Southampton. Meixian’s main academic research is maritime law and commercial law, including marine insurance law, carriage of goods by sea and sales of goods

Meixian has worked at Law School of University of Exeter since 2013 before joining Southampton Law School in 2016. I taught Carriage of Goods by Sea, Commercial Law, Contract Law and LLM common law induction. She also contributed to Marine Insurance Law Module in the CCLS, Queen Mary University of London.

Meixian gained her LLB specialised in Maritime Law in Dalian Maritime University (China). After that, she studied at University College London for LLM. She completed her doctorate research at University of Southampton and was awarded the degree of PhD in Law in 2012. Her first monologue based upon her doctorate research, Causation in Insurance Contract Law, was published in 2014 with Informa Law from Routledge. She is also a qualified lawyer of Chinese Law.


Research interests

Meixian’s research interests lie broadly in the fields of shipping and insurance law.

Meixian has been working on the rules of causation under marine insurance law. The value of this research lies in the effort to develop a set of consistent causation rules in the insurance context and to explore how the insurance risks themselves would affect the formation and application of causation rules. This research is further extended to the area of tort law and other topics of insurance law which may refer to causal links in the light of the Insurance Act 2015 under the Law Commissions’ Insurance Contract Law Reform Project, for example, the provisions regarding warranties of insurance contracts.

Meixian currently contributes to the Sea Traffic Management Validation Project funded by the EC within the IML. The current research involves the subjects of law of sea, carriage of goods by sea, international trade, marine insurance and cyber security in shipping practice.

Meixian is also interested in the research in English commercial law and contract law principles, such as the Third party’s rights in English Insurance contract law.


Affiliate research groups

Institute of Maritime Law, Insurance Law Research Group

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Meixian Song, Rules of Causation in Insurance Contract Law, (Informa-Routledge, 2014)

Book Chapters

Meixian Song, ‘Crew Negligence and ‘Civil’ Liabilities in Carriage by Sea from a Comparative Aspect- Chinese Law and English Law’ in Johanna Hjalmarsson, Jenny Jingbo Zhang (eds), Maritime Law in China

Emerging Issues and Future Developments (Informa-Routledge, 2016), Chapter 3.

Meixian Song and Yiqing Yang, ‘Introduction to Chinese Insurance Law’ in Johanna Hjalmarsson, Dingjing Huang (eds), Insurance Law in China (Informa-Routledge, 2014) Chapter 1

Meixian Song, ‘UK Law Commissions Insurance Contract Law Reform: Lessons for Chinese Insurance Law’ in Johanna Hjalmarsson, Dingjing Huang (eds), Insurance Law in China (Informa-Routledge, 2014) Chapter 14



Meixian Song (2014), A Re-examination of the Measure of Damages under Time Charterparties, (2014) 20 JIML, 284-295.

Meixian Song (2014): Is Negligence a Cause of Loss In Marine Insurance? British Insurance Law Journal (BILA), Issue 127, Jan 2014.

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Meixian Song (2012), The UK’s Law Commissions’ Insurance Law Reform Project, Chinese Journal of Maritime Law, 1, (1), 38-43. (Written in Chinese)

Meixian Song (2011) Insurable interest in the law of marine insurance, Southampton Student Law Review 2011 Volume, 1 Issue 2 - Special Edition: Maritime Insurance Law p. 75.


Newsletters and Case Comment

Meixian Song and Johanna Johanna Hjalmarsson (2016) The Insurance Act 2015 and marine insurance. Shipping and Trade Law, 16 STL (7) 1-3

Meixian Song (2016) Cause and effect: the perils of crime and punishment. Shipping and Trade Law, 16 STL (7) 5-7

Meixian Song (2016), Measure of Damages under Time Charterparties, (2016) 22 JIML

Meixian Song (2015) Carrier’s duty to properly and carefully care for the goods. Shipping & Trade Law, 15, (3), p 5-6.

Meixian Song (2013) Liability insurance: compulsory insurance for carriers of passengers by sea, September 2013, Insurance Law Monthly.

Meixian Song (2012) Shipowner's right after a lawful withdrawal. Shipping & Trade Law, 12, (5), p 5-7.

Meixian Song (2012) Policy defences and causation. Shipping & Trade Law, 12, (3), p 7-8.

Meixian Song (2011) Claiming for demurrage under sale contracts. Shipping & Trade Law, 11, (10), p 5-6.

Meixian Song (2011) Charterparty guarantee. Shipping & Trade Law, 11, (9), p 4-5



Book Chapters

Marine Insurance Law

Carriage of Goods by Sea


Dr Meixian Song
Southampton Law School, Building 4 University of Southampton Highfield Southampton SO17 1BJ UK

Room Number: 4/3021

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