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Professor C. J. Howls 

Head of Applied Mathematics

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Professor C. J. Howls is Professor within Mathematical Sciences at the University of Southampton.





Research interests

Asymptotics analysis, Modelling

Research group

Applied Mathematics

Affiliate research group

Computational Applied Mathematics

Research project(s)

Asymptotic Methods


Mathematical Modelling

Mathematical Optical Physics

Director of Faculty Graduate School, Faculty of Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences.



Book Chapters

    Berry, M. V., & Howls, C. J. (2015). Divergent series: taming the tails. In The Princeton Companion to Applied Mathematics. Princeton, US: Princeton University Press.
    Howls, C. J., Berry, M. V., & NIST (2010). Integrals with coalescing saddles. In F. W. J. Olver, D. W. Lozier, R. F. Boisvert, & C. W. Clark (Eds.), NIST Handbook of Mathematics Functions. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.
    Howls, C. J. (2000). Development of exponential and hyper-asymptotics. In C. J. Howls, T. Kawai, & Y. Takei (Eds.), Toward the Exact WKB Analysis of Differential Equations, Linear or Non-Linear. (pp. 111-118). Kyoto, Japan: Kyoto University Press.
    Delabaere, E., & Howls, C. J. (2000). Hyperasymptotics for multidimensional integrals with boundaries. In Toward the Exact WKB Analysis of Differential Equations, Linear or Non-Linear, December 1998. (pp. 145-164). Kyoto, Japan: Kyoto University Press,.


Professor C. J. Howls
Mathematics Building 54 University of Southampton Southampton SO17 1BJ

Room Number:54/6013

Telephone:(023) 8059 5145
Facsimile:(023) 8059 5147

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