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Research Group: Mathematics in Biology and Medicine

Currently Active: 

Within Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, staff work in the area of Mathematics in Biology and Medicine, specifically Evolutionary Biology and Ecology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Stochastic Processes in Biology, and Physiology and Medicine.

Maths Bio
Evolutionary Biology and Ecology

Evolutionary Biology and Ecology

We use mathematics to study evolutionary and ecological dynamics from basic evolutionary mechanisms, such as transgenerational inheritance, to how evolution shapes human culture.

Molecular and Cellular Biology

Molecular and Cellular Biology

We use mathematical models to better understand molecular regulation of cellular dynamics, combining techniques from stochastic analysis, network theory, dynamical systems and reaction-diffusion processes.

Stochastic Processes in Biology

Stochastic Processes in Biology

As recently revealed by live cell images, many processes in cells and molecular biology, such as gene regulation and cell division, are inherently driven by stochastic events. Our work explores the implications.

Physiology and Medicine

Physiology and Medicine

We model physical processes in biology, including fluid flow, elasticity, electrochemistry and magnetism, with potential impact from improved drug delivery to better understanding of Alzheimer's disease pathology.

Image credits: (a) G. Briemle CC BY-SA 3.0; (d) Newcastle Brain Tissue Resource.

Contact group members for possible PhD projects in relevant areas.

  • Professor Rebecca Hoyle is currently taking PhD students for projects described here.
  • Doctor Philip Greulich is currently taking PhD students for projects in mathematical biology, related to cancer and stem cells (fully funded for 3 years).
  • Professor Tim Sluckin is currently taking PhD students for the project described here.
List of related projects to Mathematics in Biology and Medicine
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Evolutionary Biology and EcologyActive
Molecular and Cellular BiologyActive
Physiology and MedicineActive
Stochastic Processes in BiologyActive
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