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The University of Southampton
Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton

Our staff

List of all staff members in Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton
Rachel MillsDean of the Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences
C Mark MooreProfessor of Ocean Biogeochemistry
Eric P AchterbergProfessor
Nicholas R BatesProfessor of Ocean Biogeochemistry
Thomas BibbyProfessor of Biological Oceanography
Colin BrownleeProfessor
Jonathan BullAssociate Dean Research
Andy CundyProfessor of Environmental Radioactivity
Justin DixProfessor in Marine Geology & Geophysics
Sybren DrijfhoutProfessor in Physical Oceanography and Climate Physics
Gavin FosterProfessor of Isotope Geochemistry
Chris HautonProfessor of Marine Ecophysiology
Stephen J HawkinsProfessor of Natural Sciences
Tim HenstockProfessor of Geophysics
Rachael JamesProfessor of Geochemistry
Alan KempProfessor
Maeve LohanProfessor of Marine Chemistry
Robert MarshProfessor in Oceanography and Climate
John MarshallProfessor of Earth Science
Lisa McNeillProfessor of Tectonics
Timothy A MinshullProfessor
Alberto Naveira GarabatoProfessor of Physical Oceanography
Martin PalmerProfessor of Geochemistry
Duncan PurdieProfessor of Biological Oceanography
Stephen RobertsProfessor of Geology
EJ RohlingProfessor of Ocean and Climate Change
David SimsProfessor of Marine Ecology, MBA Senior Research Fellow
Martin SolanProfessor in Marine Ecology
Damon A H TeagleProfessor of Geochemistry
Toby TyrrellProfessor in Earth System Science
Phillip WarwickDirector, GAU-Radioanalytical
Jörg WiedenmannProfessor of Biological Oceanography
Paul WilsonHead of Palaeoceanography and Palaeoclimate Research Group, Professor
Steven BohatyAssociate Professor in Stratigraphy and Palaeoceanography
Jon CopleyAssociate Professor in Ocean Exploration & Public Engagement
Thomas H G EzardAssociate Professor in Evolutionary Ecology
Thomas GernonAssociate Professor in Earth Science
Jasmin A GodboldAssociate Professor in Marine Ecology
Philip GoodwinAssociate Professor in Earth System Dynamics
Ivan D HaighAssociate Professor in Coastal Oceanography
Ian HardingAssociate Professor in Palaeontology
Nicholas HarmonAssociate Professor in Geophysics
Stephanie HensonHonorary Associate Professor
Antony JensenAssociate Professor in Marine Ecology
Derek KeirAssociate Professor in Geophysics
Phyllis LamAssociate Professor in Microbial Biogeochemistry
Cathy LucasAssociate Professor in Marine Biology
Juerg Michael MatterAssociate Professor in Geoengineering
Catherine A RychertAssociate Professor in Geophysics
Florian SevellecAssociate Professor in Ocean Physics
Rex TaylorAssociate Professor in Geochemistry and Volcanology
Clive TruemanAssociate Professor in Marine Ecology
Jessica H WhitesideAssociate Professor of Geochemistry
Chuang XuanAssociate Professor in Palaeomagnetism
J. Andy MiltonProfessorial Fellow in Analytical Geochemistry
Simon BoxallPrincipal Teaching Fellow
Amber AnnettNERC Independent Research Fellow
Maria BakerSenior Research Fellow, International Project Coordinator
Ken CollinsSenior Research Fellow
Matthew CooperSenior Research Fellow
Samantha GibbsRoyal Society University Research Fellow
Richard MarshNNUF-EXACT Facility Manager Senior Research Fellow in Nuclear Characterisation and Decommissioning
Fiona SimpsonSenior Research Fellow in Electromagnetic Geophysics and Space Weather
Cecilia D'AngeloLecturer in Marine Biology
Phillip FenbergLecturer in Marine Biology
Anna HickmanLecturer
Kevin OliverLecturer in Physical Oceanography
Marc RiusLecturer
Esther SumnerLecturer in Sedimentology
Jude CoggonUK-IODP Knowledge Exchange Coordinator
Hachem KassemTeaching & Research Fellow in Coastal Morphodynamics and GIS
Grace AndrewsPostdoctoral Research Fellow
Alison BaylayPostdoctoral Research Fellow
Jeffrey BlundellResearch Fellow in Physical Oceanography
Anieke BrombacherResearch Fellow
Liam Adam BullockResearch Fellow
Thomas B ChalkLeverhulme Research Fellow
Rosalind CoggonRoyal Society University Research Fellow
Aurelie Duchez RAPID Group Research Scientist
Manon DuretResearch Fellow
Bieito Fernández CastroMarie Curie Research Fellow
Anita FlohrResearch Fellow
Anthony FoggResearch Fellow
Romina GehrmannResearch Fellow in Marine Electromagnetics
Michael James GrantEnterprise Fellow in Marine Archaeology
Gabrielle HellioNERC Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Jamie HudsonResearch Fellow
Gordon InglisRoyal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow
Aude LavayssiѐreResearch Fellow
Nikhil N MistryResearch Fellow in Benthic Ecoacoustics
Anouska PantonResearch Fellow in Marine Biogeochemistry
Giuseppe ProvenzanoResearch Fellow
Jamie M. PurkisResearch Fellow in Nuclear Decommissioning
Hagen RadtkePostdoctoral Research Fellow
David ReadingEnterprise Fellow
Adam J ReedResearch Fellow
Adam H RobinsonResearch Fellow in Seismology
Nikolaos SklirisResearch Fellow
Katie St John GlewPostdoctoral Research Fellow
Charlie ThompsonResearch Fellow
Neil J. WyattPostdoctoral Research Fellow
Yujiang XieResearch Fellow in Passive Source Seismology
Alastair BrownVisiting Researcher
Anya CrockerResearch Fellow in Palaeoclimatology
Laura J GrangeVisiting Fellow
Leigh MarshVisiting Fellow
Saikiran TharimenaVisiting Fellow
Ian WestVisiting Fellow
Ian TownendVisiting Professor
Graham K WestbrookVisiting Professor
Bob WhitmarshVisiting Professor
Carl L AmosEmeritus Professor
Harry BrydenEmeritus Professor
Ian CroudaceEmeritus Professor
Patrick HolliganEmeritus Professor
John MurrayEmeritus Professor of Geology
Bob NesbittEmeritus Professor
Ian RobinsonEmeritus Professor
David J SandersonProfessor of Tectonics and Geomechanics
John ShepherdEmeritus Professor of Earth System Science
Peter StathamEmeritus Professor of Marine Biogeochemistry
Paul TylerEmeritus Professor
Claudie BeaulieuVisiting Fellow
Mathis HainVisiting Fellow
Torben StichelVisiting Fellow
Alexander BrearleyResearch Fellow
Margot CramwinckelPost-doctoral researcher
Alexander ForryanResearch Fellow
Pawel GacaRadiochemist (GAU)
Richard PearceResearch Fellow
Annika RöttigResearch Fellow
Ben WardResearch Fellow (Royal Society)
Werenfrid WimmerResearch Assistant
Bastian HambachStable Isotope Laboratory Manager
John DavisExperimental Officer
Brian DickieSenior Experimental Officer
John GittinsMarine and Molecular Biology Experimental Officer
Agnes MichalikExperimental Officer
Matthew Beverley-SmithLaboratory Technician
Aaron BillenLaboratory Technician
Graham BlytheField/Vessel Equipment Support Technician
George ClarkeAquarium Research Technician
Alison DaleTechnical support (GAU)
Kate DavisSenior Technical/Graphic Illustrator
Daniel DoranRock Preparation Technician
Cynthia DumousseaudMarine Biogeochemistry Technician
Gary FisherTechnical Manager
Heather Goring-HarfordGeochemistry Research Technician
Dan C HillApprentice Mechanical Technician
Neil JenkinsonElectronics and Computer Workshop Manager
Yuxi JinResearch Technician
Moira MacLeanResearch Technician
Matt O'ShaughnessyBiology Technician
Nicola PrattSenior Marine Biology Technician
Robbie RobinsonAquarium Technician
Alex Searle-BarnesResearch Technician in Geochemistry
Martin WeeksOcean Bottom Instrument Engineer
Megan WildingStable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry Laboratory Technician
Sargent BrayResearch Scientist
Frances BradburyPA to Head of Ocean and Earth Science
Terry PrinceAdministration, Assessment and Quality Assurance Team Leader
Louise WellsAdministrative Officer
Lawrence HawkinsEmeritus Fellow
Neil WellsEmeritus Fellow in Physical Oceanography and Meteorology
Alejandro TorradoResearch Fellow

    We share the Waterfront Campus of the National Oceanography Centre Southampton (NOCS) with Natural Environment Research Council’s Research Centre, The National Oceanography Centre. If you cannot find who you are looking for, it might be because they work for our collaborative partner, The National Oceanography Centre. Please check their website.

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