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Online subject talks: what to expect

Live subject talks take place online from Monday 27 September to Friday 1 October.

They are a different event to our campus open days, which do not include subject talks.

What you’ll get from a subject talk

Subject talks last from 60 to 90 minutes. You should book an online subject talk if you want to:

  • hear from an academic expert about the subject you’re interested in
  • hear from current students about their experience of the course
  • find out more about how we teach your subject
  • learn about the facilities you’ll use, and any special course features
  • discover what careers you could go into with a degree in your chosen subject
  • ask questions about the course

List of available talks

A different group of subjects will be covered each day. Each day’s talks take place at the same time, so you’ll only be able to attend 1 live talk per day.

Recordings of all subject talks, including any that you attend, will be made available to you by email afterwards.

Monday 27 September: maths, business and social sciences subjects

You can sign up to 1 live talk from the following:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business
  • Business School Placements and Study Abroad
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Sociology and Criminology

Tuesday 28 September: engineering and physical sciences subjects

You can sign up to 1 live talk from the following:

  • Acoustical Engineering
  • Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Biomedical Engineering (Electronics)
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science and Software Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering ((includes Aerospace Electronic, Electrical and Electronic, Electrical, Electronic and Mechatronic Engineering)
  • Engineering Foundation Year
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Politics and International Relations
  • Population and Geography
  • Ship Science and Maritime Engineering

Wednesday 29 September: medicine and health sciences subjects

You can sign up to 1 live talk from the following:

  • Audiology
  • Cardiac Physiology
  • Midwifery
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Podiatry
  • Physiotherapy

Thursday 30 September: arts and humanities subjects

You can sign up to 1 live talk from the following:

  • Ancient History
  • Archaeology
  • English and Creative Writing
  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Marketing with Management
  • Film
  • Fine Art
  • Game Design and Art
  • Graphic Design
  • History
  • Modern Languages and Linguistics
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Textile Design

Friday 1 September: environmental and life sciences

You can sign up to 1 live talk from the following:

  • Biological Sciences (includes Biochemistry, Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Neurosciences, Pharmacology and Zoology)
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Geography
  • Geophysics, Geology and Environmental Geoscience
  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Marine Biology and Oceanography
  • Natural Sciences 
  • Psychology
  • Science Foundation Year

How to join a talk

On the day of your talk, you’ll get an email and a text alert containing a link to the talk. You can join from the email or the text message.

We use Microsoft Teams Live to host the live talks. You don't need a Teams account, but if you're using your mobile, allow time to download the Teams app.

When you join the live session, no one will be able to see or hear you. No one knows when you join or leave, so don't worry if you're a few minutes late or need to leave before the end.

How to ask questions

You can submit questions anonymously in the live event Q&A chat.

Technical support

If you have any problems joining a session, email our support team:

How to access subject talk recordings afterwards

You’ll get access to recordings of all online subject talks, whether you attended them or not, in an email after the event.

Ready to book an online subject talk?

Make your booking now. When you submit our booking form, we'll send you a confirmation email.

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