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Professor Sarah Stevenage

Professor Sarah Stevenage

Associate Dean Education

Research interests

  • Face Processing
  • Voice Processing
  • Cognitive Bias in Fingerprint Analysis

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My interest in Psychology began through my degree, and later my PhD at the University of Exeter, under the supervision of Dr Ian Gordon. I came to Southampton in 1993, and have stayed here ever since. With a primary interest in face perception, I was naturally drawn to the area of Cognitive Psychology, and my undergraduate and postgraduate teaching has been focused mainly in the areas of Memory, Face Perception, and more recently Forensic Psychology. With a passion for teaching, and for making the experience of my students really enjoyable and interactive, I was awarded the VC’s Teaching Award on twp occasions and student nominated awards as Most Engaging Lecturer on two occasions. Additionally, all of my administrative roles have been focused on improving the experience of our students. Most recently, these include the roles of Head of Psychology, and Associate Dean (Education) for the Faculty (2012-5; 2018-current. In 2017, I was also recognized for my Strategic Leadership in Teaching and Learning through being awarded the role of Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academic, which is the highest award of the professional body overseeing University-level education.

In terms of research, my main focus is on Identity and Identification, as judged through face perception, gait and most recently voice perception. These interests have culminated in my role as lead investigator on a £2m EPSRC project – SuperIdentity – across 7 institutions in the US and the UK, and my involvement in a number of government and Research Council initiatives to understand identity better within a modern and digital environment.

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