Doctor Holly Syddall

Dr Holly Syddall

Senior Enterprise Fellow

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Dr Holly Syddall (PhD) joined the NIHR RDS South Central in January 2022 as a Senior Research Advisor.

Holly’s background is in medical statistics and lifecourse epidemiology. She completed her MSc in Statistics with Applications in Medicine (Distinction) at the University of Southampton in 1997 and gained her PhD later in her career in 2013. Her PhD analysed data from the Hertfordshire Cohort Study and identified social inequalities in musculoskeletal health among community dwelling older people in the UK.

Holly worked as an applied statistician and epidemiologist at the MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit in Southampton for more than twenty years, gaining a wide breadth of experience in all stages of the research process from study design, to data collection, processing and coding, to statistical analysis, through to presentation and communication of results in peer-reviewed publications and conference presentations. Holly is the lead or co-author of more than 180 peer-reviewed academic papers. Holly has particular expertise in cohort studies but has also worked on case-control and cross-sectional studies, surveys, data linkage studies, intervention trials, literature searching and systematic reviews. Holly has taught medical statistics, epidemiology and research methods to undergraduate and postgraduate students, many clinical research fellows and colleagues. Holly has supervised the research projects of undergraduate medical students, masters students in medical statistics, clinical research fellows, and co-supervised four PhD students. Holly has acted as a statistical reviewer for a range of medical journals.

Away from work, Holly is most likely to be found enabling the sporting activities of her two sons, walking or cycling in the countryside, or tussling with her latest crafting creation.